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11527 Primrose Lane, Rockville, Va.  23146
(804) 749-4726
Mailing Address:

11527 Primrose Lane
Rockville, Va.  23146
(804) 749-4726
Mission Statement:  

Providing food, fellowship and
essential items to those in the
Greater Richmond Metropolitan
The Giving Heart, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was launched in 2003 with the intent to distribute needed
anyone to come to the table for food and fellowship. The Community Thanksgiving Feast began our
main distribution point for putting needed items directly into the hands of those who deserved them.

Among the donations received were items requiring a bag to carry them. Our "Giving Bag Project" was
born out of the desire to give someone the means to bring items home from our event - especially food
and toiletries. Incorporating a push for reusable bags in 2009 allowed recipients to find other uses for
the bags that they received - especially those who were exposed to weather elements or the need to
be transient with their belongings.

In August 2010, The Giving Heart continued its' mission to help those in need by hosting a clothing
and toiletry event called "Got You Covered".

As an all-volunteer nonprofit organization, The Giving Heart relies on the generosity of donors who
wish to support and encourage our mission. To make a tax-deductible donation, please send a check
to the mailing address noted above. Online donations are also accepted through the "Donate" link to
the left.

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