Welcome to The Giving Heart!

Our 2021 Community Thanksgiving Feast will offer a repeat of our 2020 event - take-outs, curbside pickups and limited deliveries to senior/disabled complexes.  Want to volunteer this year?  Check our volunteer signup form for any last minute cancellations.  NOTE:  Please read the age limits and other requirements.  On the signup link, look at the top and select the area of interest on the various tabs.  Missed the opportunity to volunteer?  Consider signing up for our newsletter by filling out the signup form below.

Senior Boxes:  This year, in conjunction with some of our food deliveries, we are offering Senior Boxes.  This is a collection of any items that would be beneficial to the senior population such as nonperishable foods, toiletries, etc.  If interested in making a specific collection for our Seniors, click here to sign up.  Note:  Each Senior Box is marked with the number of items needed.  You DO NOT need to provide the same item to each...just a total number of items.

CURBSIDE PICKUPS NOW AVAILABLE! Visit our Community Thanksgiving page for our order form link.  A limited number of vegetarian meals are also available while they last!

Friends of the FeastInterested in supporting our Community Thanksgiving Feast?  Visit our Friends of the Feast page to learn all the details. We invite small businesses, Churches, groups and even personal contributions.  Prices range from $200 (business), $100 (Church, groups) or $50 (personal dedications, shout outs or "in memory").

Check out our Supporters and Friends here!

Current COVID information:  As of September 10, 2021, all volunteers will be asked to provide vaccination cards or medical proof if unable to be vaccinated.  Masks will be worn by volunteers and guests alike, as well as temperatures checked.  Thank you in advance for helping us to provide a safe environment for everyone.